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It all began in Marseille, my hometown. Very early on, I experienced obesity. The look of others, malice and mockery. But I dream of being an actress. I like the stage fronts very much. And my emotions are already sharp.

Musical ear, passionate about the female press, I get a taste for Fashion and I start writing. My pen already appreciated by my classmates, I grow up to the rhythm of my turntables and my books, exciting me for books of Fashion and Luxury. Pop’music makes me discover in 1994, a very Spice universe. And I, too, want to become a Spice Girl!

After graduating in Communication (RP, Press & Media) and training at Sciences Politiques Paris in Journalism and Mobile Content, I have a good command of English.

I am 31 years old when I launched, on September 24, 2012, the Dailyblog, start-up of information to the dizzying audience mixing high-end topics and portraits of famous personalities of all. Out of a total of 2 million blogs classified in France & Europe ( source Ebuzzing), the Daily Blog has reached 495 th place (Lifestyle Category) and 23945 th place in the General Ranking.

My strong fashion culture, my knowledge of luxury codes and the universe of French traditions have led me to prestigious writings ranging from Manuela d’Halloy, President of Who’s Who in France to Alexandra Sojfer, emblematic figure of the world of umbrellas, umbrellas and canes, including starred Chef Cyril Lignac, journalist Jean-Baptiste Boursier, and French businessman and writer Paul-Loup Sulitzer.

At 34, I lend my figure for a brand of XXL clothes. The following year, going through a great deal of grief, I lose a lot of weight and my figure becomes quite different. Former obese having lost more than 40 kilos, I fight the scourge of overweight having a privileged look and listening on the disease.

For the past year, swimming and water sports have been with me until I started dancing again. Classical dance, the one I love, what do I say… The one I love more than anything.

Authentic, loyal, to the emotional connection, I like to affirm that one can be true(e) in 2020 in a virtual and artificial world.

I am 38 years old. Meanwhile, Paris adopted me.

Contact & Collab’: contact@beatricechakra.com

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