Between grace and agility, the Fit’ Ballet by Octavie Escure


Created by professional dancer Octavie Escure, Fit’Ballet is a technique that blends the agility and grace of classical dance as its name suggests, with targeted exercises that sculpt physics.

Fit’Ballet creates the link between fitness and classical dance by offering a practice combining fitness strengthening movements with the graceful gesture of ballet. It is an original method of exercises as fast and heart as soft and deep inspired by ballet, the floor bar, yoga and the own experience of Octavia Escure, 31-year-old star.

Fit Ballet is recommended to recover a physical form after a birth, help during a diet by toning the body, recover energy after a disease, operation or accident.

Accessible to all, its goal is to correct the posture, gain in fluidity and flexibility, tone the muscles, thanks to a precise and complete work that will make you acquire the support of a dancer.

Online Workouts ! Cool in a time of confinement, Octavie Escure offers adapted and unlimited online courses to maintain a firm and toned silhouette !

Fit Ballet – 3 rue d’Hauteville 75010 Paris ou Fit Ballet -Synopsis Danse – 59 Avenue Maréchal Leclerc, 66000 Perpignan.


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Between grace and agility, the Fit’ Ballet by Octavie Escure