Between quality and detail, Eric Bompard, European leader in cashmere

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With more than 500 annual publications in the French press, the Maison Eric Bompard has become, over the years, an undisputed and indisputable reference in the field of high-end ready-to-wear.

It was in 1985 that Eric Bompard chose to give his name to his collections. For more than 30 years, he has continued to build and solidify his philosophy: quality of the material, charm of the cut. European leader in cashmere with 500,000 pieces produced each year, the Eric Bompard House has 54 shops and corners in its own name worldwide. Since 2013, the family-owned company has stood out among the 100 most beautiful independent French companies.

A chromatic palette never equaled with more than 4000 colors imagined since the creation of the House. A bias for the production of multi-layer threads allowing the work of a 24-thread ultra-fine cashmere, a true technical feat.

An expertise in knitting stitches where permanent technical research opens up bold new horizons. Not to mention a millimetre impression to enhance cashmere veil stole.

A attention to detail that signs high-quality products: handcrafted buttons, invisible seams thanks to the use of a cashmere thread and finally an individual control of each model guaranteeing luxury finishes.


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Between quality and detail, Eric Bompard, European leader in cashmere