Breathe in Louis Vuitton scents

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Leaving. Leaving what is familiar to us for an unknown land. Losing one’s bearings to feel even closer to oneself.

Since its creation, the Louis Vuitton House has always been guided by this trend elsewhere. With his very first trunk becoming an emblem, Louis Vuitton made a promise to accompany the curiosity of travellers wherever they go. Sometimes it is enough to close one’s eyes to be transported to the other side of one’s own world. Inner, metaphorical, immaterial, travel is not a destination. It is a feeling. A continuous movement that nourishes the mind and body. A vibration that disorients the heartbeats. An eternal imprint in memory. An emotion that transforms the beings. So many suspended moments that inspire today a An emotion that transforms the beings. So many suspended moments that inspire today a new know-how: the perfume Louis Vuitton.

Born in Grasse, the birthplace of perfumery and leather professions, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud spent months travelling the five continents in search of unexpected emotions. Those felt when you breathe in rare materials. Those of the state of abandonment to which you yield away from home. He then imagined seven olfactory journeys. Seven creations to put on naked skin to go to meet oneself. Seven scenarios to be inspired during the crossing.

Seven perfumes, intensely feminine. Louis Vuitton perfumes. From the breath of the departure with Rose of the Winds to the Turbulences in altitude, from the ecstasy of a first night with In the Skin to the full consciousness of nature that surrounds us with Apogee.

From revealing oneself with Against Me to exploring one’s dark side with Dark Matter or the explosion of the senses with Mille Feux… Louis Vuitton perfumes draw a map of emotions while traveling. To leave. Just inspiring a wake.


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Breathe in Louis Vuitton scents