COMME UN GANT, from shoes to your measurements !

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From 35 to 43. Unusual shoes but so much in the trend of the moment. Made on demand in a workshop in Brittany, Géraldine Delle-Vedove promotes French know-how.

After a 5-year training in model design at the Atelier Chardon Savard, this (almost!) thirty-year-old sensitive to creativity, imagines a concept for women’s feet. COMME UN GANT is born in 2018 to combine style and well-being on high heels.

The shoes COMME UN GANT are designed to your measurements. They adapt to your morphology, your cravings and your riding habits (heel heights, widths, half-sizes, colors). Also, the removable anatomical soles promise you unparalleled comfort, all in top-of-the-range finishes, quality leather, invisible seams, injected slip-resistant skate.

Thanks to digital measurements, the brand offers you an innovative and unprecedented experience for the design of your shoes. This is based on the morphology of each foot to offer a suitable shoe. A 3D scan is performed for each new client. This scan identifies about twenty measurements on the foot. Thanks to this measurement, Géraldine Delle-Vedove makes a first fitting allowing her to better understand the client’s riding habits. Once the customization parameters are set, the order is sent to the workshop.

The ritual of taking measurements takes place during «Pompettes» evenings organized by COMME UN GANT. These events take place in premium partner spaces. To register, it is very simple, just make an appointment via the website and fill out a form. In return, the supposed client receives an invitation to the next «Pompettes» event.
At COMME UN GANT, local know-how is preferred. If some components are no longer manufactured in France, the brand gets its supplies as close as possible (in Europe) and the way remains artisanal and French.
In addition to shoes, the brand works with a Parisian ESAT (Etablissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail) for the manufacture of its pouches and their packaging is fully recyclable.

The brand makes the strong choice to work without an intermediary to be as close to its customers and offer a price that reflects the fair value of the product.

Copyright : Lou Delle-Vedove


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