How Kevin Polizzi shapes the World of tomorrow

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Founder of Jaguar Network, this emblematic innovation player prepares companies in Marseille for the 4th industrial revolution

Without shouting from the rooftops, imperceptibly, the profile of the Marseille entrepreneur changes. One day, it will be said that Kevin Polizzi was the architect of this change. With this 38-year-old business angel, clear-thinking, fast-talking, artificial intelligence takes place in the great economic completion of the first third of the 21st century. The role of the founder of Jaguar Network in the history of entrepreneurial innovation is remarkable in every respect. It is the happy combination of a will and a skill. Kevin Polizzi has built these qualities into master assets. Here is a manager well connected to his time. A model of rational reflection in the technological evolution of our time.

Its history began in September 2001 with the creation of Jaguar Network. This approach is underpinned by two objectives: to support the revolution of new technologies and to provide quality assistance to websites, e-commerce and the digitisation of the economy. It was yesterday, an eternity already!  In the background, remember, there was an economy emerging through the data-center, the hosting, the outsourcing, all these new words, today a little outdated, that enriched the technological vocabulary. Kevin Polizzi was doing computer development, but because everything was moving very quickly, he thought that if he became self-sufficient, he would have more freedom to flourish and work in networks, the other network name.

The vital pillar of a territory’s development

Since the birth of Jaguar Network, technological agility is the DNA of this company which, over time, has created three core businesses: hosting data, which is also constantly changing; providing telecoms solutions to enable security, user access to data; and finally, connected objects and smart services related to smart city or smart health. “These two areas are very much users of our core competencies of cloud and telecoms,” said Kevin Polizzi in a recent interview in La Provence.

With its many employees, Jaguar Network has moved closer to the Free operator, a step that is all the more important since Polizzi, who has followed the ideas, does not ignore this reality: the encounter of Digital with other technologies will inevitably give birth to the 4th industrial revolution. We went out of abstraction to get into the real world. Today, the company adopts artificial intelligence for the sake of economic growth, of course, but not only: it is also a question of transmitting, improving its technological capacities to carry out projects, while training people. It is the magic of innovation. AI is the vital pillar of a territory’s economic development and Polizzi excels in this area. «We need to teach, explain to companies that they need to adapt and equip themselves,” » he says.

Marseillan anchorage

For him, Marseille is not lagging behind. French Tech has highlighted this by creating a new public private partnership. In other words, the ecosystem exists, and the essential thing for professionals is to find solutions adapted to all. This is how the Phocean territory can become a world city. Kevin Polizzi asserts his anchorage in Marseilles. For proof, the headquarters of Jaguar Network at l’Estaque is deployed on 5,550 m2, a true showcase of technological know-how, the first smart building in the South-East of France.

That is not all. Vice President of UPE 13 in 2014, founder of the biotech accelerator One life, Kevin Polizzi agreed to succeed Stéphane Soto to become the Director General of Medinsoft, until the next general meeting in March 2020. And Medinsoft is now positioned as the main innovation cluster in Provence-Côte d’Azur. Without wasting time, Kevin Polizzi has engaged an important project, that of realizing a booklet of concrete and numerical technological solutions, achievable within six years, and intended for the future elected of the Metropolis. In this booklet, various areas – housing, mobility, ecology, etc. – are addressed in the continuity of the actions undertaken by Medinsoft which plans to release this booklet at the beginning of February 2020 and wishes to hand it over to the and wishes to give it to the elected members of each political list running in municipal elections.

I still have around me twenty different teams that multiply projects. I want to become a French industrialist of the world after: to make possible what is desirable are my Olympic Games», he recently confided to Marseille + Provence the Mag.

Kevin Polizzi is an emblematic of innovation and shapes the world that is already ours.

Crédits Photos : Yann Bouvier (1)/ Jaguar Network (2).

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How Kevin Polizzi shapes the World of tomorrow