Cyril Lignac, the star chef of gourmet pleasures

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Coming from his native Aveyron, this cook, pastry maker and chocolatier revealed by television in 2005, conquered Paris in a few years. Portrait.

He is one of those provincials who came to Paris and succeeded. Born in Aveyron, at home, in Rodez, it was often “open table”. Festive family atmosphere for agapes that in the long run, when you are a teenager and think about your future, inevitably lead you to the kitchen… It is therefore quite natural that Cyril Lignac turned his attention to the catering professions. He first obtained his CAP as a cook, then by broadening the spectrum of skills, he acquired invaluable know-how in the matter, completing his training by obtaining a triple CAP Pâtissier, Glacier and Chocolatier.

His debut took place at l’Arpège, a gastronomic restaurant not far from Les Invalides, alongside the three-star Chef, Alain Passard and the famous Pierre Hermé.

 A talent to the teller of TV

Cyril Lignac’s rise coincided with the French’s growing taste for the gastronomy that television possesses. In 2005, it gave our Aveyronnais the media impetus it deserved. Solicited by a producer with in mind a new concept of cooking program, broadcast on M6 and titled Oui, Chef! , Cyril Lignac lends himself to it and it is a success. A talent to the developer of the small screen. Affable and courteous, with a broad smile, he answers questions by explaining his recipes that make people salivate in the cottages. Obviously, it brings something fresh, simple and tasty, terribly appetizing. The show is a landmark and here it is on the road to success. Therefore, it opens, rue Cauchy, its first restaurant, Le Quinzième, which, in 2012 gets his first Michelin star.

Lignac’s dynamism, confidence in the future and optimism are the dominant features. An entrepreneur at heart, in 2008 he moved to the eleventh district of Paris, taking over Le Chardenoux, a bistro with a clear and elegant décor from the beginning of the 20th century, decorated with engraved glasses.

The journey does not end there. In 2011, a change of setting and interior decor, the chef-pastry chef opened Aux Prés, ex-Claude Sainlouis, a bistro of the Left Bank. Retro, vintage and traditional cuisine decorate the eyes of the clientele. A magic that operates…

But in life, there is no coincidence. Meetings often come at the right time. Also in 2011, Lignac met Benoît Couvrand, then pastry chef at the Maison Fauchon. Born of a sweet alliance, La Pâtisserie now has 5 shops in Paris. And why stop so well? In 2016, the #gourmandcroquant duo created La Chocolaterie, a place of life fully dedicated to cocoa and which now has two shops. Muffins, cookies, brownies, caramelized almonds, chocolate bars, the appeal is irresistible. You want to go in and eat everything!

That is not all.   The culmination of an entrepreneurial spirit, the opening of the 2016 Bar des Prés, a gastronomic establishment with a well-studied décor: stalls and a large marble counter distilled two parallel universes to Japanese and French influences. Cyil Lignac is in step with the times, in the air of time.

Between cooking, pastry and chocolate making, it brilliantly awakens all our senses.

How can I say it: with him, our taste buds are celebrating.

Bravo Chief!


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