Fragrance of self

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Connecting with her #perfume, we all do. For me, going out without perfume is like feeling naked. As much as I don’t wear jewellery; except for my watch and two fine cord bracelets, I hardly ever wear makeup, so it is unthinkable, impossible, and inconceivable for me to go out without perfume.

This fragrance that I spray on me every morning and before every appointment is existential. A unique story about a scent, it seems that “remembrance is the fragrance of the soul” as #Georgesand said. If this is true, know that mine is synonymous with #tenderness. I wear it every day even when I’m not well.

Perfume has a #power: its smell. My books are my refuge. And writing my consolation. It took me a long time to meet the perfume I dreamed of. I dreamed of finding a #smell just for myself: #singular, intimate and sweet. Instant love at first sight when I breathe its fragrance.

Invited to the inauguration of the boutique located Rue des Francs-Bourgeois ( Quartier du Marais in Paris), in 2015, the uppercut performs. He hasn’t left me since.

Diversified in several variations, mine is still “#Eau Tendre”. I am often told that I wear it well. That I know I’m around. Elevator, home rooms or public places, it became my #signature.

A woman of character, determined but with undisputed gentleness, he symbolizes the simplicity and gentleness that I aspire to with myself but also with others.

My perfume is called #Chance. And I send my gratitude to #Chanel… Between my #scriptures.

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Fragrance of self