L’exihibition[niste] of Louboutin !

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He won’t stop fascinating. #Christianlouboutin, the #Snowshoe #creator, celebrates his 30 years of effervescent and joyful creations with “L’exhibition(niste)”, a #exhibition presented at #Palaisdelaportedorée in #Paris until July 26.
Trained at #Charlesjourdan then #Rogervivier, Christian Louboutin quickly prefers the word shoes to that of shoes. Its red soles are its perfect signature since 1993. The origin? It was by creating a model of which he was not convinced, that the creator grabbed his assistant’s nail polish to brush the underside of the shoe. An iconic signature …

Leaving the lot by the originality of the materials he works (Cordoba leather, palm wood, fish skin), he refines and fuses our legs by the height of the dizzying heels he offers us: 10,12 or 16 cm. Sensual but never vulgar.
Its most beautiful storytelling can be read through its rhinestone decorations, feathers and sequins. A shoemaker’s job that appeals to both the anonymous and the celebrities. From #popculture all the way down the street to #Mattel, who entrusts her with the mission of imagining well-worn #Barbie up to think of a collection around the universe of #Starwars.
#Louboutin has not finished enchanting us… We are waiting for the continuation. With joy and impatience. In advance, thank you Christian <3


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L’exihibition[niste] of Louboutin !