Paul-Loup Sulitzer : “Everything fascinates me, everything is still possible”

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Returning from Mauritius where he had been staying for more than a year, the famous author of best-sellers took over the business and his profession of international consultant. Here he answers our questions, including his feelings on the 2008 crisis and the awakening of China.

 1.- Paul-Loup Sulitzer, long you have been on the front of the stage. Today, we see you less. What do you become?

Paul-Loup Sulitzer: I don’t feel like I’m stepping back, but it’s true that I’ve been in Mauritius for over a year and that probably explains it. I led an economic mission for the Board of Investment in Mauritius to attract foreign investors. So I took over my business and my job as an international consultant without abandoning my artistic activities. I actually collaborated with a Mauritian artist on a piece based on my life and experiences. The title will be available in October or November on the download platforms.

2.- Your books Money, Cash, Fortune written in the early 1980s sold millions of copies. We named these bestsellers of a new genre: finance fiction. With the crisis of 2008, can we not say that reality has surpassed fiction? Will you write these books today that, in their own way, have helped break the taboo of money?

Paul-Loup Sulitzer: These books are a reflection of their time and when I started this in the early 1980s nobody dared to democratize money. A businessman was shown in the movies in his jet, but never how he got there. This is what I wanted to do through entertaining but documented novels.

Today, through the 2008 crisis, we note that a corrupt capitalism has brought a lot of misfortune. This is not what I promoted in my books, money was never an end, but a way and one can live happily with a lot of money or with much less.

3.- China fascinates. Does the Celestial Empire that some call «the Great Workshop of the World» inspire you as a frame and subject of a novel?

Paul-Loup Sulitzer: China is well awake! We must now count with it, in trade but also on the global geopolitical chessboard. However, the banking crisis it is going through proves that everything is not rosy. For example, the country is facing competition from other countries, such as India or other Asian countries, where large groups are now relocating their production.

China is fascinating, it is a complex country with a communism converted to the market economy and very specific codes.

I mentioned all this in my last novel, The Water Lily Empire, which featured my favourite hero, Franz Cimballi.

  1. You’ve tried almost every genre. You’ve even written “The Sulitzer Diet” to lose weight. What are you passionate about in contemporary society?Paul-Loup Sulitzer: Everything fascinates me, but it is especially the destinies that fascinate me. There are fascinating destinies and wonderful successes right now, and even though the western world is going through a crisis, anything is still possible.
    New technologies are a turning point, and even if they don’t fit my generation, I am present on the Internet ( and on Facebook ( That’s the way to look!

5.- You embody the typical image of self made man who, starting from nothing, managed to rise up socially and realize himself humanely. What advice would you give to a young man or a young woman who, not possessing numerous diplomas, but inhabited by a formidable energy, wants without complex to earn money?

Paul-Loup Sulitzer: As I said, earning money is not an end in itself. But to succeed, whatever the field, you have to believe in yourself, surround yourself with the right people and work because nothing comes by itself.

Interview by Béatrice CHAKRA

Photo credits: and Yannick BOUTOT.


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Paul-Loup Sulitzer : “Everything fascinates me, everything is still possible”